Rejuvenating Plasma Injection

Our Rejuvenating Plasma Injection – a platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment – is a revolutionary new treatment that restores a youthful appearance of the face. Perfect for patients wanting to reduce fine lines and wrinkles but are concerned about potential complications with other methods, our Rejuvenating Plasma Injection uses your body’s own plasma, meaning it is extremely safe! This quickly emerging technique is showing exciting potential for a non-surgical solution to facial rejuvenation with no scars, no down-time and natural results. After an initial consultation, Dr. Andrew Turk can determine if our Rejuvenating Plasma Injection is right for you.

Why Does Our Rejuvenating Plasma Injection Help?

Platelets are the cells in your body that help tissue to heal and grow new cells. The PRP that we inject into specific areas of the face during our Rejuvenating Plasma Injection, acts as an environment that promotes your own collagen to grow and rejuvenate tissue, thus causing a naturally smooth and tightened appearance of the skin. In this way, our Rejuvenating Plasma Injection, softens wrinkles and creates smoother skin texture and tone.

How Does Our Rejuvenating Plasma Injection Differ From Fillers?

Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvederm or Restylane, are composed of solid material that fills lines and skin folds, and these types of fillers are indicated to soften lines on the face. The PRP used in our Rejuvenating Plasma Injection stimulates your own collagen to grow for a total facial rejuvenation, rather than individual wrinkle improvement. Our Rejuvenating Plasma Injection can be used to help improve faces that are showing signs of aging, to plump out cheek indentations, soften under eye hollows and to fill the areas where the hyaluronic acid fillers may not be safe to inject. Fillers can be injected at the same time as your Rejuvenating Plasma Injection, as the two types of treatments are meant for different purposes – Hyaluronic acid fill specific lines and folds; PRP injections improve the overall volume, fullness and skin tone rather than filling individual deeper wrinkles. Together, they complement each other, giving you the ultimate outcome for a non-surgical natural youthful appearance.

Is It Safe?

Research and clinical data show that PRP injections are extremely safe, with minimal risk for any adverse reaction or complication. Because the PRP used in our Rejuvenating Plasma Injection is produced from your own blood using growth factors to stimulate collagen, there is no concern for reaction.

How Long Will It Take?

Your appointment will take roughly 30 minutes, including preparation and injection time. Performed safely in our medical procedure room by Dr. Turk, our Rejuvenating Plasma Injection will bring a youthful appearance to the face without the risks of surgery, anesthesia or a prolonged recovery. In fact, most people return to their jobs and usual activities right after the injection.

How Often Should I Get It Done?

Most patients say their Rejuvenating Plasma Injection is still giving them great results after 3 months. Normally we see our Rejuvenating Plasma Injection patients for their planned injection 3-4 times per year. This is really based on preference and every patient is different. Some patients however, gain considerable results after the first injection and only feel the need to come 1-2 times per year.

I met with Dr Turk and was very satisfied with my consultation, I can’t say enough about Dr Turk and his entire staff. They made my surgery so stress free and are very experienced. Every visit gets better and better. Dr Turk is awesome and his staff is too! Went for my lymphatic massage today, pleased with the service and staff as usual.

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