Here at Naples Cosmetic Surgery Center, we are pleased to offer the latest, most advanced option for hair restoration: NeoGraft. This minimally invasive method is the first of its kind to receive FDA approval. NeoGraft has been used with great success in Europe and Asia for years, and is now available here in the United States. It makes the hair transplantation process less painful while also reducing post-procedure recovery time tremendously.

Nearly any patient with bald patches or thinning hair can undergo hair restoration surgery using NeoGraft. Ideal candidates for this procedure have healthy areas of hair on the sides and/or back of the head that can serve as donor areas for this procedure. Patients with hair loss caused by scalp injuries or certain cosmetic procedures often have larger areas of potential donor hair, as hair loss may be restricted to smaller areas.


Traditional hair restoration surgery involves removing hair-bearing strips of the scalp from the back and sides of the head, which are then transferred to areas of baldness at the top of the head or along the hairline. The portion of the scalp from which the follicles were removed must be sutured closed, leaving a prominent scar. Not only can it be quite noticeable, but this scar can cause a sensation of tightness on the scalp and sometimes even result in numb areas.

NeoGraft, on the other hand, uses a method of follicular unit extraction (FUE). FUE is a surgical procedure in which hair is transplanted as natural individual follicular units into the targeted area. Each unit consists of up to four individual hairs and is extracted from the donor area and placed in the recipient area. NeoGraft procedures are performed with local anesthetic. Normal hair care can usually be resumed within a week. The results of the FUE procedure are usually visible within three months after treatment.

A NeoGraft procedure is truly the best of both worlds. The NeoGraft transplant can be performed in the same amount of time as a traditional hair transplant, which greatly reduces the cost of a typical manual FUE transplant. Since NeoGraft is a minimally invasive technique, scarring, bleeding and nerve and blood vessel damage are all rare.

The NeoGraft device gently rotates around each particular graft in a cylindrical shape. It uses pneumatic pressure to remove the hair follicles smoothly and uniformly. This helps the doctor to avoid ever touching the follicles with forceps while harvesting occurs, eliminating damaging pulling and twisting and keeping them healthier for transplantation. Additionally, NeoGraft provides the surgeon with control of the speed with which the removal and replacement of hair follicles takes place, reducing the amount of potential pressure placed on them and allowing more of them to be successfully implanted. The uniformity of each graft allows the creation of even and precise implants, avoiding the imprecise effects that sometimes occur when FUE is done by hand.

Once harvested, the hair follicle grafts are kept in a canister that is equipped to lightly mist them with sterile saline on a regular basis. This provides them with moisture throughout the entire process until the doctor is ready to implant each one. Each recipient site is created to the exact specifications of the graft and inserted to the precisely measured depth, which produces a perfectly smooth surface and prevents ingrown or exposed follicles.


Some of the advantages of using NeoGraft over other methods include:

    • Faster, more comfortable recovery after the procedure
    • Least invasive hair transplantation method available
    • No sutures are used
    • No linear scar from the harvest area
    • Fewer activity limitations post-surgery

Complications such as scarring, bleeding and damage to the nerves or blood vessels are rare. Each procedure transplants approximately twice the amount of follicles as traditional surgery, which means less of a chance that additional procedures will be required
The result of NeoGraft is a natural-looking head of hair. If desired, you can even choose to wear it in a very short without having to worry about concealing an obvious, tell-tale scar.

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