Endoscopic Technique

An endoscopy is an improvement recently added to the arsenal of plastic surgery methods. The procedure is performed by inserting an endoscope, a thin tube with a light and camera at the end, into a small incision. The images from the camera are viewed on a display screen during the operation. The endoscopic technique is less invasive than traditional surgery because it uses multiple short incisions instead of one long incision. The camera on the end of the endoscope also allows the surgeon to clearly see beneath the skin for the most precise adjustments of skin and muscles.

Advantages of Endoscopy

Since the incisions needs for endoscopy are smaller than those for traditional surgery, they typically leave less of a scar and are easier to hide in natural skin creases or behind the hairline. Also, because there is a smaller area being disturbed, the risk of any nerve damage occurring is lower. Recovery time is typically better than with traditional methods of surgery since post-operative swelling, bruising and bleeding are often substantially decreased.

When using an endoscope in a procedure, a surgeon does have to make multiple incisions, but each one is generally less than an inch in length. One incision is used for the insertion of the endoscope probe and at least one other is necessary for the insertion of the surgeon’s tools. The doctor then is able to perform the operation by controlling the instruments and inspecting the progression of the procedure as it is taking place on the monitor.

Endoscopy can be put to use in a variety of cosmetic procedures. Facelifts, forehead or brow lifts, breast augmentation and abdominoplasties are just a few of the surgeries that can benefit from this innovative technique. Your physician can help determine whether endoscopy would be beneficial to achieving your goals.


For a full facelift in Naples, FL, a traditional procedure may provide the most desirable outcome for the majority of patients, particularly when there is a large surface of skin to be tightened. However, there are some cases in which an endoscopy would be preferable. Rather than one long incision created somewhere at the hairline, the surgeon can make small incisions in the exact locations where the correction is most necessary.

For instance, when it is the mid-section of the face that requires smoothing, the surgeon can enter through the lower eyelid and upper gum line to gain ideal proximity for access as well as ease in concealing the incisions.

Forehead Lift in Naples, FL

The forehead lift is a natural choice for which to employ endoscopy. It eliminates the need for a large ear-to-ear incision. Instead, three half-inch long incisions are typically created on the scalp. There is little of the risk of nerve damage or hair loss that can take place with the traditional procedure. The surgeon is able to minimize frown lines and move the eyebrows as necessary.

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