What To Expect From A Body Lift

Drastically losing pounds to reach a healthier weight is a huge accomplishment. Unfortunately, there are some challenges that come with serious weight loss. For instance, you probably have a lot of unnecessary extra skin. Depending on your genetics, age, and weight distribution, you may need surgery to remove the excess. To take care of the extra skin, a simple tummy tuck may not be enough, though. You may need a full body lift.

Body Lift Procedure: What To Know

  • Several Surgeries: In some instances, doctors perform a full body lift in one session. This can be quite risky and traumatic, though, so it’s more likely that your body lift will actually be a series of surgeries. The procedures you need will depend entirely on where the excess skin on your body is located. Many people who have lost extreme amounts of weight end up having some combination of an arm lift, a breast lift, a tummy tuck, and a lower body lift.
  • Lower Risk of Infection and Skin Chafing: Without all of that extra skin, your body is also likely to be healthier. When you have excess skin, especially flaps of it, you are at greater risk of getting infections because moisture, for example, can easily be trapped under the skin. You may also have had the excess skin chafe painfully against your functional skin. The removal of that unnecessary skin lowers such risks and discomfort.
  • Improved Appearances: After your surgery (or surgeries) you will find your skin more taut and even, with virtually no flab. With the excess skin and fat removed, you may feel more confident and enjoy your appearance more.
  • Scarring: Of course, the extensive surgeries included in a body lift can leave some scarring. Surgeons do their best to make incisions and tuck the skin in such a way that the scars will be hidden beneath commonly covered areas of the body, like under the arms, near the buttocks, or just below the waistline.

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