8 Secrets to a Quicker Recovery from Rhinoplasty

People undergo rhinoplasty (also called a nose job) for several reasons. Some want to improve their appearance and feel better about themselves. Others get the surgery for medical reasons, such as difficulty in breathing. For whatever the reason, with the growing popularity of rhinoplasty, more and more people want to learn about recovery from the procedure. The key to having a quick and breezy recovery from rhinoplasty is to be extra careful with anything affecting your nose.
Here are eight tips to keep in mind as you recovery from rhinoplasty:

  1. For at least two weeks following surgery, avoid vigorous exercise. Strenuous exercise requires you to move your body aggressively, which can interfere with healing.
  2. Don’t go swimming. Swimming pool water contains chlorine, which could sting and irritate your nose. It is best to avoid swimming pools for at least three to four weeks after rhinoplasty.
  3. Blowing your nose? Absolutely not for two weeks following rhinoplasty! If your nose is running, gently dab it with a tissue.
  4. Brush your teeth carefully. Because your upper lip is connected to your nose, you’ll move your nose if you brush to aggressively. So be gentle.
  5. Don’t wear clothes that you have to pull over your head. This includes sweaters, T-shirts, and sweatshirts. Button-downs any shirts with a front opening are your best choice.
  6. Don’t wear glasses—or anything that will be placed on your nose. You may use contact lenses instead.
  7. Avoid heat and sun exposure for at least three months.
  8. Avoid smoking for several weeks before surgery and no less than three weeks after the surgery.

Remember that your nose is at its most fragile state right after the surgery, so be especially careful during this time. Once the healing process is done, all your hard work will be worth it as you show off new nose!


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