Posts From August, 2014

15 Biggest Sunscreen Mistakes

Common ways you’re screwing up sunscreen, and how to truly protect yourself from the sun. SPF smarts by Sarah Z. Wexler By now, you probably know that you should use sunscreen every day both to help reduce your risk of skin cancer and to prevent pesky wrinkles, dark spots, and other signs of premature aging.… Read More »

In the Wrinkle Wars, a New Weapon

As she aged, Sandi Bachom, 69, a filmmaker and producer in Manhattan, tried Botox to keep the inevitable wrinkles away, but she was wary of anything more invasive. She wanted, as she explained recently, to avoid “going under the knife.” So a couple of years ago, at the suggestion of her dermatologist, Dr. David Colbert,… Read More »

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