Facial contours contribute to your overall appearance at every age. We're happy to provide injectable dermal fillers like Restylane® to augment areas that have been affected by the aging process or that never reached their full potential.

At Naples Cosmetic Surgery Center, we take care of your cosmetic needs in the ways that suit your lifestyle and preferences best. To learn more about Restylane treatment, contact us today at 239-316-1689!

What is Restylane®?

Restylane is the name given to a family of dermal fillers. Each is made using hyaluronic acid and is formulated for specific use on the face or hands.

Restylane Products include:

  • Restylane. The original product can be used on a variety of facial lines and folds. Restylane can be used to treat undereye bags or dark circles and can also improve the shape of the lips.
  • Silk and Kysse. Two different products for the lips? Yes! Restylane Silk, made with ultra-small particles of hyaluronic acid, is perfect for eliminating fine lines around the mouth or giving a subtle boost in lip volume. Restylane Kysse, made with XpresHAn technology, fills the body of the lip for more volume and definition without diminishing the natural movement or feel of the mouth.
  • Refyne. Also made with XpresHAn technology, Refyne is a great mid-face filler that smooths out nasolabial folds while maintaining natural tissue mobility.
  • Defyne. This filler is also used for nasolabial folds. Its thicker consistency makes it suitable for more severe creases.
  • Lyft. The loss of midface volume can alter the entire shape of the face. Restylane Lyft is designed to restore natural structure and contour to the cheek area. It may also be used in the temple area, another part of the face that tends to lose volume with age.

How Does Restylane® Work?

Restylane products are all based on the active ingredient hyaluronic acid. This acid is produced naturally by the body and acts as a lubricant for various structures, including the skin. On the most basic level, Restylane soft tissue fillers work by adding volume to the deeper layers of the skin. The increased volume pushes creases up to the surface, making them disappear. On a more technical level, Restylane works by inviting water molecules into the area of focus. When we inject hyaluronic acid beneath a line or crease, the skin gets flooded with water. The hyaluronic acid binds to the water, holding it in place for a prolonged period.

Schedule your Restylane® Consultation Today!

We love helping our patients find their ideal approach to bringing out more of their natural beauty! If you're frustrated with the appearance of lines, creases, deflated lips, or flat cheeks, give us a call. The team here at Naples Cosmetic Surgery Center can help! Our injectors are thoroughly trained and familiar with each of the Restylane products. After consulting with you, we'll carefully select the perfect Restylane filler to improve your overall facial contours. Enjoy immediate and lasting results with Restylane! Contact us today at 239-316-1689.


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