Three Things you Need to Know About Retin-A® Treatments

Retin-A®, also known as Tretinoin is a topical cream for treating acne and rosacea. Retin-A can improve skin texture and reduce the size of skin pores. But it is not enough if you just apply Retin-A. You have to be very careful when you are using it because improper use of Retin-A has caused adverse effects in people in the past. Here are three facts about Retin-A use.
Important information about Retin-A
• Retin-A users should not expose their skin to the sun directly – Retin-A causes the skin to exfoliate. Exposing Retin-A treated skin to sunlight, UV lights (in tanning beds) can make your skin very sensitive and even cause sunburn. So if you have to go out in the sun, always wear a sunscreen. It is a good idea to apply Retin-A at bedtime.
• Do not apply Retin-A on damaged skin – Do not wear Retin-A if your skin is chapped, broken, windburned or sunburned. Avoid applying Retin-A if you are suffering from eczema or if there are wounds on your face. Do not apply Retin-A on moist skin because it might cause the skin to peel or become irritated. Start by using Retin-A twice a week in the beginning. Over a month or two, begin using it every night. Use a pea size amount only. If you skin becomes irritated after using Retin-A, stop using the cream for some days until the skin returns to its old self.
• Retin-A is not compatible with some facial creams – If you have applied any products containing benzoyl peroxide or glycolic acid to your skin, do not apply Retin-A. It will react with the other agents and produce some adverse effect. You can apply Retin-A after removing the other products. First, wash your face with soap and water. Dry it off with a towel and then wait for 15 minutes before applying Retin-A. If you are undergoing any medical treatment on the face like a laser treatment, chemical peels, microdermabrasion or others, inform the doctor beforehand.
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