Seeing is Believing with Our Vectra® Imaging System

You get to try on a new dress before you buy it. You take a car for a test drive before signing on the dotted line.
But with cosmetic surgery, there’s always been that element of “What’s it going to look like?” That’s because in the past (and with other providers) there wasn’t a system to allow the potential patient to basically demo the procedure, to see exactly what it will look like. This inability to really know how a procedure will look keeps many people from going forward with a procedure they may really want to have.
No longer. At Naples Cosmetic Surgery Center we have the capability for you to demo your procedure. It’s our Vectra® 3D Computer Imaging system and our patients love it.
What is Vectra® 3D Imaging?
The Vectra® Imaging system combines three-dimensional photography with revolutionary computer software that allows prospective patients to preview what they will look like after procedures such as breast augmentation or facial surgery.
To create the images, the patient stands in front of the camera system and 3D photos of the targeted area are taken. These images are then pieced together with the Vectra® system’s proprietary Sculptor™ software to create a computer-generated 3D model of the patient’s face, breast, or body. And that 3D image can be completely customized and viewed from a wide range of angles.
Once we have created the 3D model, we then simulate the actual results that can be achieved through the potential surgery. The potential patient can then see those results on her actual face or body, at least the computerized version of her. She can try different possibilities, sizes, shapes, whatever.
Benefits for both patient and doctor
The Vectra® system improves the surgical process for both patient and doctor. It enables the patient to visualize the results of the desired procedure. The surgeon can use it to precisely plan the surgery. Miscommunication is virtually impossible. And patients feel much more confident and less anxious about their procedure after utilizing the Vectra® system.
If you’re considering a procedure with us at Naples Cosmetic Surgery, know that you’ll see it first long before you actually have the surgery, thanks to Vectra®. Call us to set up an appointment and see for yourself, 239-348-4357.


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