Is Lip Augmentation Right For You?

Pouts are very powerful. If you are unhappy with your pout or feel that you want fuller lips, there are treatments available to help you. These fall in the category of lip augmentation surgery, which is a cosmetic procedure designed to give you larger and fuller lips. It can be performed on both upper and lower lips, or just one of them. Note that, depending on the materials used for augmentation, a temporary or a permanent result can be achieved. Usually, just one procedure is sufficient to get the desired outcome.

How is the Procedure Performed?

  • Approaches: There are several approaches that can be taken to give you fuller lips. They can generally be classified into two categories: injections and implants. When it comes to injections, several options are available. These include collagen, synthetic materials, Dermalogen, Restylane®, Hylaform® and more. It is also possible to use fat from another part of your body to increase the size of your lips. For implants, synthetic options are the most popular.
  • The procedure: Depending on the approach, a topical, local or general anesthetic may be used. Injections generally require only topical anesthetics but implants may require more. The procedure will usually take not more than one hour. Before the procedure, if synthetic materials will be used, you will need to be tested for possible allergic reactions. Then, fillers will be injected directly into your lips. If, on the other hand, you decide to go the route of implants, then incisions will be made on the edges of your lips through which a synthetic material, like Gore-Tex, will be inserted. Then, the incisions will be stitched together, resulting in a permanent increase in the size of your lips.

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