How does the face age?

Q: How does the face age?
A: The changes of the face we see due to aging begin as early as the 3rd and 4th decade of our lives. The skin begins to thin, gravity pulls the face downward, loss of facial volume gives wrinkles (like a deflated ballon), laxity of the deeper dacial fat, muscle and ligaments causes sagging and isualization of discolored, sun damaged skin. This results in wrinkled foreheads, falling brows, excess eyelif skin, and heavy bags under the eyes. You look tired and sad. The cheekbones flatten, the tip of the nose droops, facial and marionette lines of the mouth deepenand you lose the jawline with squaring of the face. The chin fades with neck laxity of the muscle and skin. Please call our office regarding treatment of early aging. 239-348-4357

Actualy Patient- Before and After-  4 Juvederm XC Filler


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