Here’s Why You May Need Rhinoplasty

rhinoplasty Your face can tell a lot about you before you even have the chance to speak. That’s why keeping their faces looking happy and healthy is a high priority on countless people’s daily to-do lists. However, doing so is often easier said than done, especially if what you’re unhappy with is the look of your nose. Thankfully, you’re not without options. Thanks to modern nose surgery (rhinoplasty), you could have the nose of your dreams with a straightforward procedure and recovery period.

Here are the three primary reasons why people seek out rhinoplasty:

Correcting an Injury

A significant reason people come to see Dr. Turk for nose surgery is due to an injury. Whether you took a nasty fall and wound up crooking your nose or you found yourself on the wrong side of a speeding sports ball, there are a lot of ways that one can accidentally misshape their nose. Thankfully, through a professionally-handled rhinoplasty procedure, any aesthetic issues that have left you less than satisfied with your nose after an injury can be dealt with.

Improving Nasal Functionality

Nasal injuries often cause more than just aesthetic damage. More severe nose injuries can often impact your nose’s ability to function correctly as it should. This can show itself as new difficulties with both inhaling and exhaling through your nose. However, sometimes issues like restricted nasal passages aren’t the result of an injury—simply a matter of genetics. Whatever the case may be, rhinoplasty can widen and open up these blocked or restricted passages and significantly improve your breathing during the day and while sleeping.

Managing Your Appearance

Likely the biggest reason why rhinoplasty is such a sought-after treatment is a want to improve the natural appearance of one’s nose. Aesthetic issues with your nose—as well as other parts of your face—can have a major impact on one’s self-image and self-confidence. So if you feel like you’d be happier living life with your ideal nose, then nose surgery may be the correct path for you.

First-Class Nose Surgery—Rhinoplasty in Naples, FL

If you do decide that rhinoplasty is in your best interests, then you need a top-notch cosmetic surgeon for the job—one like Dr. Turk at Naples Cosmetic Surgery Center. Located in sunny Naples, FL, your new nose could be just a call away at 239-348-4357.


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