Give Your Bottom, and your Spirits, a Lift!

The older we get, the more things sag. What we gain in wisdom, we lose in skin tautness. Bogus. While this happens to our bodies, one area for our patients in Naples is especially irritating — their sagging bottoms and outer thighs. Sagging there can make a person avoid putting on a swimsuit, which is a crime in an area with such awesome beaches.
But you don’t have to put up with the sagging —Dr. Turk can perform a buttock and outer thigh lift!
Would a buttock/outer thigh lift be good for me?
This isn’t a weight loss procedure but is meant for people who have excess skin and tissue that’s sagging on their bottom and outer thigh. This can be due to former pregnancies, significant gain and loss of weight, or just natural aging. To qualify, patients need to be within ten percent of their ideal weight.
How is it done?
In a buttock/outer thigh lift, Dr. Turk makes an incision across the back from hipbone to hipbone. The incision is made, so it is easily concealed by your underwear or a bikini bottom. If there is a good deal of fat to be removed, Dr. Turk will use liposuction to do so. Then the skin is stretched to position the buttocks and outer thighs into a higher, firmer position.
Most patients can go home after their anesthesia has worn off. There will be some swelling, soreness, and bruising for the first few days, but this is easily manageable with pain medication. Most patients can return to work and their regular activities in about two weeks. Strenuous exercise, particularly things that put a lot of stress on the lower back, must be avoided for at least a month. Your scar will be very noticeable at first but will continue to change and fade over the next year or more.
Your results with a buttock/outer thigh lift are permanent. As long as you don’t gain and lose a significant amount of weight, you’ll be happy with your trimmer contour and skin tightness. Of course, the procedure doesn’t stop the march of time, so there will be some new sagging down the road. But, even with that, your backside will look dramatically better for the long haul.
Interested in getting rid of that sagging on your bottom and outer thighs? Call Dr. Turk at 239-348-4357.


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