Give That Unwanted Fat the Sound Treatment

Liposuction Naples, FL Our waistlines and stubborn pockets of fat go together like peanut butter and jelly. It must be a leftover from our prehistoric days of saving fat for the lean times, but in our modern world it simply adds up to bulges we don’t want.

Dr. Turk puts soundwaves to work on your unwanted fat with LipoSonix. LipoSonix uses ultrasound energy to destroy fat cells and slim your contour.

How does LipoSonix work?

The secret to LipoSonix is high-intensity focused ultrasound energy. The LipoSonix people use an acronym, HIFU. When HIFU is delivered onto subcutaneous fat cells, the energy disrupts the fats cells, slimming your contour. Here’s how a treatment is done:

  1. The head of the device is placed over the treatment site.
  2. HIFU energy is targeted to the treatment area, beginning a process that leads to the permanent destruction of fat cells underneath the outer surface of the skin.
  3. Once hit with the HIFU energy, the targeted fat forms a lesion while the surface skin is unharmed.
  4. The body then eliminates these fat lessions through its natural elimination and healing mechanisms. The result is a thinner waistline and a more contoured figure.

How is LipoSonix different?

Other non-invasive fat reduction techniques use lasers and radiofrequency energy. The energy emitted with these technologies can be absorbed by the cells on the skin surface. This creates two problems. First, it limits the energy that penetrates the targeted fat tissues below the skin surface. Second, it can inflame and damage the surface skin.

In contrast, LipoSonix treatments use high-intensity, focused, ultrasound energy to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and reach the targeted fat tissue without affecting the surrounding tissues or the skin layers.

What results can I expect from my LipoSonix procedure?

Results from the procedure usually become noticeable after 8 to 12 weeks, which is typically the amount of time needed for the body to process and eliminate the targeted fat.

Interested in LipoSonix at Naples Cosmetic Surgery Center? Call us at (239) 348-4357 to schedule a consultation to see if it can work for you.


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