Do People Keep Asking What You’re Mad About?

Gravity has its merits — it keeps us from flying off into space! But your skin isn’t a fan. After all, gravity is always working, never taking a shift off. It’s constantly pulling your skin and the underlying support tissue downward. When you combine those effects with sun damage, personal habits, stress, and the general aging process you have the recipe for sagging skin and an older appearance.
On your forehead, this will show itself in sagging brows, the 11s between your eyebrows, and forehead creases. This is annoying enough on its own, but because the eyes and the brow area are parts of the face where we show expressions, this aging on your brows can give those you’re dealing with the wrong impression. People can think you’re sad, mad, or really tired — and you could be the happiest, most well-rested person in the room!
But all is not lost. A brow lift with Dr. Turk can remove much of the sagging and present an improved countenance to the world!
Since brow lifts target the upper third of the face, for a more involved facial rejuvenation, the procedure can be combined with other surgeries such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and a mid-facelift to rejuvenate more of the face. You’ll discuss these available options with Dr. Turk during your consultation.
Would a brow lift help you?
Sagging brows aren’t necessarily due to anything you can control. Much of the sagging on the forehead area comes genetically predisposed. Most of our brow lift patients at Naples Cosmetic Surgery are between the ages of 40 and 60 and feature lined or inelastic skin on their foreheads.
Do you want a preview of sorts? To mimic what a brow lift will do, a simple test is to do this: Stand in front of a mirror and place the palms of your hands to the sides of your eyes above the eyebrows. Now pull the skin back from the eyes. This is pretty much what surgery with Dr. Turk will accomplish.
Two techniques to fit your situation
Before endoscopes came onto the scene, there was only one method for a brow lift. Today that method is called the “traditional brow lift.” But now a less invasive option can be performed using an endoscope. Which method will work for your personal situation is between you and Dr. Turk; you will discuss your options during your consultation.

  • Traditional brow lift — A traditional brow lift requires a coronal incision that stretches from just above the ear across the top of the forehead and down to the other ear. The incision is made within hairline, but may be placed further back to minimize visibility in patients with thinning hair. Next, the forehead skin is lifted, tissue removed, muscles adjusted, and the eyebrows may be lifted. Dr. Turk then trims any excess skin and closes the incision with stitches or clips.
  • Endoscopic brow lift — As endoscope technology has continued to improve, endoscopic brow lifts have become the favored method. In this method, Dr. Turk makes from three to five short incisions, each less than one inch, behind the hairline. An endoscope is then inserted into one of the incisions. The endoscope enables Dr. Turk to see beneath the skin without making the long incision of the traditional method. Through the other incisions the skin is lifted and excess skin is trimmed. Underlying muscle is adjusted as needed. The overlying skin is then redraped to its tighter contour.

With both methods, there will be numbness and discomfort at the incision sites. This is normal. Numbness will give way to itching as the forehead heals. This usually passes within six months. You will have swelling, as well, but the majority of this passes within two weeks. Still, there can be residual swelling for a few months.
Tired of giving people the wrong impression? Maybe it’s time to lose those sagging brows. Call Dr. Turk, 239-348-4357, to make an appointment.


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