Botox use increases among millennials

The latest news in the world of cosmetic procedures includes a trend among millennials who are scheduling appointments with plastic surgeons for Botox and filler injections. Various media publications covered the news following a survey conducted by The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Plastic surgeons taking part in the poll revealed a surprising statistic – the number of patients 30 years old or younger seeking cosmetic injection treatments consisted of a 64 percent spike.
It is believed that one possible reason for this development is the selfie phenomenon on social media. Another cause may be the influence of today’s celebrities who have numerous fans who follow their every move through photos on social media or in print publications. Whenever a celebrity has undergone cosmetic procedures, his or her followers are inspired to perhaps do the same.
Either way, millennials are asking for fuller lips and wrinkle-free foreheads to achieve their own aesthetic goals be it for selfies or celebrity inspirations.
However, many plastic surgeons are advising this generation not to “overdo” the use of injections. Overly plumped lips or the inability to move one’s forehead can actually cause patients to appear more mature than their actual years.
While some practitioners believe in having patients start Botox use in their late twenties to prevent deep wrinkles from developing, it is important that they be conservative in the amount injected and as well as frequency in visits. More significant is the use of an experienced medical professional who works with the patient to individualize their treatments so the procedures used produce the best possible results.
It is also advised that the medically certified individual delivering these aesthetic treatments are following the manufacturer’s guidelines. It’s the onus of medical professionals to encourage and navigate millennial patients on the importance in taking a conservative approach with cosmetic injections


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