Are You the Right Candidate for Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation is an effective procedure for individuals who feel that the chin is not symmetrical in size or shape when compared to other facial features. A small or weak chin can give the illusion of a larger nose or fleshier neck, even when they are not. Sometimes, patients have a pointed, squared or recessed chin from birth or due to trauma. Such patients may seek out to enhance the shape of the chin by surgical means for cosmetic reasons or to tackle dental bite problems. A chin augmentation surgery helps restore the balance back to facial features by modifying the shape or size of the chin through the use of chin implants.

Chin Augmentation Candidates

  • Microgenia: Chin augmentation is usually sought out by patients with extremely small chins, a condition that is referred to as microgenia.
  • Chin malformations: In some cases, it is seen that a malformed teeth affects the bite in the individual. Here a chin augmentation surgery becomes more of a necessity for adequate dental functionality, than an enhancement for cosmetic purpose. Some of these patients may also have to undergo a jaw lengthening procedure, alongside a chin augmentation.
  • Sagging jawline: As you age the facial soft tissues lose mass and may start sagging. This may be even more pronounced in older patients who have prominent jaws. Chin augmentation can help improve the appearance of the jawline, when carried out in conjunction with a facelift in such cases.
  • Other considerations: Chin augmentation is ideal for individuals who have well-functioning teeth and jaws. Healthy individuals with a sound immune system are desired candidates for the procedure, as they are lesser susceptible to post-surgery infections. Patients with cardiac problems may not be suitable for the procedure.

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