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Is it important to give a full medical history to my plastic surgeon?

Absolutely. There is a risk with any cosmetic surgical procedure to improve the appearance. It is very important for the plastic surgeon to document your allergies, medications, and medical history record. Hypertension, previous blood clots, diabetes, smoking, cardiac and respiratory symptoms do not prevent you from having an elective surgery, but can increase the risks… Read More »

Is liposuction the same as lipodissolve?

No they are different. Removal of unwanted fat in the face and body is performed by liposuction.  One of the most common procedures performed in plastic surgery, liposuction requires tumescent local anesthesia or even general anesthesia. This is real surgery and should be performed in a state accredited outpatient facility. Removal of fat non-surgically with… Read More »

Are you tired of those forehead wrinkles?

  The wrinkles of the forehead and around the eyes can be smoothed out right in the office.  Botox Cosmetic is a safe and effective treatment to temporarily reduce the number of lines around the eyes and forehead.  It usually lasts 4-5 months and can be used to lift the sagging eyebrows of the forehead.… Read More »

How is a facelift done these days?

A facelift is real plastic surgery. The patient receives twilight or general anesthetic as determined by his or her plastic surgeon. Each patient has an individual treatment plan as to 1) the forehead (brow) 2) the eyelids 3) the mid-face and 4) the lower face or neck.  We use endoscopic technique in the brow and… Read More »

Do you want a more youthful appearance?

Wellness services are the first line of defense against aging.  Frequent spa and skin care services, dieticians, nutritionists and health club training are good specialists in the management of early aging.  We use these “cosmetic life care” approaches to provide lifelong maintenance to our clientele in my practice.  Early on, skin care spa services, and… Read More »

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