The Weight is Gone, the Sagging Skin is Not

Body Contouring after Major Weight Loss As Americans become larger and larger, more people are opting to have bariatric surgery to lose the weight and maybe save their life. This is welcome for a person’s health and long-term outlook, but when a person loses a lot of weight more often than not their skin doesn’t tighten down to their new slimmer contour.

This can be incredibly deflating for someone who has worked so hard to lose the weight. But Dr. Turk can perform body-contouring surgeries to remove excess skin and reposition muscles and complete your body transformation. His surgical expertise can match your skin to your new body.

What procedures could be a part of body contouring?

As with all of his surgeries, Dr. Turk looks at each patient’s situation as completely unique. There aren’t any “set” procedures with body contouring. Dr. Turk performs what is needed for each individual patient. During your consultation, the two of you will discuss what areas you want to address. Depending on your needs, procedures will be combined. It is sometimes possible to perform all of the necessary surgeries in one session, but that is rare. It is dangerous to have a patient under anesthesia for more than six hours.

The single most involved procedure is a body lift, which targets the lower torso and upper legs. The goal of a body lift is to sculpt the abdomen, lower back, buttocks, hips, and thighs.

These are the various procedures that Dr. Turk may include in body contouring. With most of these procedures, liposuction is added to remove stubborn pockets of fat.

  • Body lift
  • Breast reduction
  • Tummy tuck
  • Thigh lift
  • Arm lift
  • Buttock lift
  • Facelift

Despite which areas are addressed in your body contouring surgeries, the goals are the same — to make an incision, reposition and tighten underlying muscles, trim excess skin, and remove excess pockets of fat. Incisions from these procedures are extensive, but Dr. Turk minimizes scarring where possible by placing the incisions in locations where they fall within a natural crease or can be hidden by clothing.

As you can ascertain, there is a good deal of variation in Dr. Turk’s body contouring surgeries. During your consultation, he will have a much better of your needs and how they can fit together into body contouring surgery.

If you’ve had bariatric surgery and hate that your skin now looks as if it’s the wrong size, please call Dr. Turk at (239) 348-4357 to schedule a consultation for body contouring surgery.


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